What a day??

I was elated and the whole throng,
Girls were clamourning a cheers song.
We frabjously watching the cricket match,
One after one enjoyed the defenders catch..
My team won the target,
Hollering high like never willing to forget.
People saw our lively craze,
Thought we would never win the first race..
Second was the round and fielding was ours,
But I went fret, lost my glasses, finding for hours.
Everything seemed unseen for me.
Everyone thinking of how will I play and see..
A girl lended her specs,
Took it n gave returns on cheeks with pecks.
Playing but thinking it was very expensive.
And my mother will slay me, there I went
Exhausted and remained silent after lossing,
Sat down glumly with wet eyes in a way
Swagata yelled, ur opticals are here,
There I won the match when my buddies chase
after me for a cheer..


What if I were a boy? 

What if I were a boy? 

There was no need to be coy.

I would have been born up with lots of affection,

No womb, no menstruation, no facial defection. 

What if I were a boy? 

There was no need to their toy. 

The scar on my skin would had been a mere tattoo.

No criticism, no long hairs, no redo. 

But what is the problem if I am a girl? 

Tell me you world, 

I am the wound or a boon?

That child in her. 

If she got married that does not mean, she doesn’t want to play cricket anymore. 

That does not mean she is no more fond of having teddy bear’s and barbie doll’s in her life. 

If she got married that does not mean,she does not want to dance in rain.

That does not mean she is no more fond of building castles on the sand dunes.

What do you think she is?

Artifact or a machine?  The vermilion cannot define her. 

Not even the beautiful silk saree around her waist can define what she is. 

And my dear beautiful man, yes, not even you can put me into ‘the’ words. 

Okay. Let me tell you WHO AM I .. 

Behind the cloth draped around my body and under the veil lies my joy of being ‘me’. 

I am the rejoicing child alive who died of being a dang.

Keep the beauty.

We meet and talk to a number of different people everyday and that one moment when we actually get one person whose talks are out of the world, that social media friend becomes you bestest friend one day. You talk and fun everyday,ultimately the beauty fades away and the frolics become the scrap. Let me tell you a secret about a relationship,It is very important to talk less and spend less time together so that  you can discuss something new after a week. It is very important to quarrel on petty issues and remain angry for few hours so that the bond becomes more strong by every judgement. 

You have an entire life to share secrets if you are committed,so go on slowly. Talk about the trees which you love the most in your place, talk about why it is necessary to conceive kids, talk about the phobias which haunts you, be silly as much as you can

It is very important to maintain the beauty in a relationship. Never let the beauty fade away. Never let that moment come in your life when you are blessed with one boy and girl,who went to school and you are in the kitchen or office or workshop and returning home with a tired face asking for a cup of coffee,lying on the couch watching television and wishing your puppies goodnight and later doze off.

Decide,how are you going to spend the entire life with your partner.

Carnal pleasure.

She was about to leave in anger. But he haul her.

Leave me. What the hell you are trying to prove now.

By roving the fingers on her cheeks.

-I am sorry Honey.

Pushing himself towards her,twitching her lower lip. Sluggishly moving backward by hitting the wall hardly.

Looking into each other’s eyes all the previous kiss and tell appeared.

His hand on her hips and her hand on his breast.

All the anger very tardily melted into amorous love.

The buttons of the shirt were off and the shrug of her was on the floor. Embracing him,she gnawed his ear by saying-

Heal me’.

He pushed her drastically, and the phone on the bed jumped on the floor giving them a space.

Tethering her hands,they gnash their lips as much hard as they could. By gnarling their bodies on left and right of the bed. By striking the tongue on her neck. He tasted her like the cold ice cream and she melted like an iceberg. His hands were no longer in control. The strips from her shoulders were off while they turned nude,the eerie sound of the bed and the cacophony of their soul was audible. The emanation of the skin was in the room where they lie down in voluptuous mood.

Her smile.. 

She is a murderer.

Cops cannot nab her because she smiles superlatively. 

She genocide the innocent people. 

She snuff out handsome chaps and comely ladies. 

Who are they??

Sukirtia was customary for everybody but a Madonna for Rashika alone. She was broken and the same was the condition of Rashika. As both were fragmented,they were enticed towards each other so deeply that they could feel every single move and every single breath. By every passing day their relationship became deep-seated. They loved each other so much that could text talk the entire day and still feel that they had spent a very less time together. Distance was the only hindrance which tethers them from physical presence. 

Sukirtia said,’I never let people know my real intense feelings. I hide away anyway but before you,I failed. I drastically failed,as if you know me from ages. You knew everything. You felt me even after being so far away. What people failed to notice even after watching me,you did staying there. Be mine forever. Till eternity and beyond. Let me serve you forever’.

While for Rashika Sukirtia was an modest person. She always treated her as demigod. She said,’My gaiety is related to you. If you are happy. I am happy. If you remain morose, so does I remain despondent because I feel your every single pang’.

Sukirtia once asked her,’What relationship do we share? I give you the honours to stamp a tag to our bond’.

Rashika responded,’People will call us lesbians. But we both know we are not homosexual. I just love you that’s it’.

  They were not just soul mates but they cared for each other like crony,loved each other like mother and daughter, yelled like a father,acted possessive like a brothel,played a role of a lover and it included world’s so many relationships at a time. They loved each other in every visages. What should we name them? 

Are they still lesbians?