Keep the beauty.

We meet and talk to a number of different people everyday and that one moment when we actually get one person whose talks are out of the world, that social media friend becomes you bestest friend one day. You talk and fun everyday,ultimately the beauty fades away and the frolics become the scrap. Let me tell you a secret about a relationship,It is very important to talk less and spend less time together so that  you can discuss something new after a week. It is very important to quarrel on petty issues and remain angry for few hours so that the bond becomes more strong by every judgement. 

You have an entire life to share secrets if you are committed,so go on slowly. Talk about the trees which you love the most in your place, talk about why it is necessary to conceive kids, talk about the phobias which haunts you, be silly as much as you can

It is very important to maintain the beauty in a relationship. Never let the beauty fade away. Never let that moment come in your life when you are blessed with one boy and girl,who went to school and you are in the kitchen or office or workshop and returning home with a tired face asking for a cup of coffee,lying on the couch watching television and wishing your puppies goodnight and later doze off.

Decide,how are you going to spend the entire life with your partner.


4 thoughts on “Keep the beauty.

  1. Some great thoughts to ponder upon!!

    Also, share poetry among each other.. good or bad doesn’t matter.. as long as it strengthens the bond!! 😉
    A faaltu addition to this thought generating post from my side. But the post is a good one!👏👏 Thank you for sharing!

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