Carnal pleasure.

She was about to leave in anger. But he haul her.

Leave me. What the hell you are trying to prove now.

By roving the fingers on her cheeks.

-I am sorry Honey.

Pushing himself towards her,twitching her lower lip. Sluggishly moving backward by hitting the wall hardly.

Looking into each other’s eyes all the previous kiss and tell appeared.

His hand on her hips and her hand on his breast.

All the anger very tardily melted into amorous love.

The buttons of the shirt were off and the shrug of her was on the floor. Embracing him,she gnawed his ear by saying-

Heal me’.

He pushed her drastically, and the phone on the bed jumped on the floor giving them a space.

Tethering her hands,they gnash their lips as much hard as they could. By gnarling their bodies on left and right of the bed. By striking the tongue on her neck. He tasted her like the cold ice cream and she melted like an iceberg. His hands were no longer in control. The strips from her shoulders were off while they turned nude,the eerie sound of the bed and the cacophony of their soul was audible. The emanation of the skin was in the room where they lie down in voluptuous mood.


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