No good.

You speak the murky secrets when the night falls,like a tipler losses his mind when he drinks. Kindred the words take the purest form of ‘Halo’ in the dealiest silence. And as soon as it is dawn we act oddly as if we did not mutter a word the previous night. What frightens me more is not the night but the day. It is because people dont have time to stare and talk about their lives. 

Even my father when he reaches home from his work,I am almost slept the same rountine is maintained the next morning. And we hardly talk and get beautiful time together.

Now the daylight scares me so much that I want the night to last forever. 

And the subconscious zone foretells me a alas news that,’the nights will no longer remain gloomiest anymore,it is going to change and the world will become a robot. The phoniex will rise’.

Ask the good if it has been good to anybody??


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