Even after the schism,he confab with me.  He talked to me like before. I talked to him like before.  The disparity was that even after the partition he felt for the common in an uncommon way .And I even after the separation distanced myself from his sick mentality. 

My nature was unalloyed.  His nature was spontaneous which ailed me more not to live my life with a blithe person and so I lost all the respect for him in one stroke which made my life smooth and worth. 

I never allowed a third person into our relationship but that day he blewed the trumpet so hard that now ‘respect’ turned just a mere word on my lips for him. 

I thank my Lord for making the separation so  basic that I broke up without regrets. I always said, ‘I hurted a pure soul’. I carried my heart with the most care. But my dear, am I not a mortal. I forfeitured my life in the name of you and thus learnt that love is not enough to grow.  I didn’t loved you even a bit of you and you knew that very well. You did every effort to impress your lady but instead of opening my arms I crossed my hands because that raged me even more,that was extraordinary. It was so much ‘over’ that it made it ‘over’.

Yes change indeed is necessary but in you my twerp. I wish you get the best hausfra. May God bless the women, she will be fortunate though. But love her in every way.  Not just love in a lovely way’.


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